De-stressing by distressing with Meltem Calisir

29 November 2022

In my workshop de-stressing by distressing I want to introduce the class to simple fabric manipulation techniques that do not require sewing or pattern-making skills, I named the workshop de-stressing by distressing because similar to knitting, sewing or crocheting the destruction and reconstruction of clothing items can be therapeutical. Up-cycling has become a huge trend in a post-pandemic world that is concerned with questions of sustainability, diy projects propose the possibility of renewing clothing items instead of buying new goods. The techniques I’m going present are distressing denim to make it look tattered and torn, cutting up and tying fabric and different bleaching methods.
These procedures do not require any previous knowledge of fabric manipulation and can be used for all kinds of textile work.
The participants should bring along a pair of scissors, a cheese grater and clothing items they are willing to change

Meltem Calisir is an interdisciplinary artist. Her practice spans different mediums that include but are not limited to sculpture, writing, performance and curation. She is interested in creating a synthesis between her many interests and invites viewers to become participants in her work. The final artwork is defined as the byproduct of the conditions that brought it to life. Within her artistic practice, fashion continues to serve as a reference point.