Light & Space & Perception with Martina Tritthart

21 March 2023

Light, space and perception are mutually connected, together they create atmospheres and the unique character of a place. Martina Tritthart will introduce the basics of physics (What is light? Direct and indirect lighting, shadows, reflection, etc.) and lighting design (three-point lighting, light directions in space, flooding, wall washing, accent lighting, projection). In this workshop, we will experiment with light and different materials, surfaces and colours by using different luminaires. We will explore ways of using light as a material to create specific atmospheres.

Martina Tritthart works as an artist, curator and researcher in Vienna, Austria. Her work includes installation and media-art as well as filmmaking. It has a prominent focus on light as a medium, related to the perception of spaces. She has taken part in several international light and media art festivals, like in Germany, Tunisia and Russia. Martina Tritthart is on the board of the Künstlerhaus Vereinigung and one of the two curators of the „Freie Kino“-program there. Together with Holger Lang, she is a member of the mutual loop and they are among the winners of the Call “On the Road Again” by the Federal Ministry Republic of Austria. 
She completed her PhD on “Light Spaces – Spatial Models of Perception” at the Department of Architecture at the University of Technology in Graz and teaches since 1999. As an assistant professor, she worked at the Institute for Spatial design at the TU Graz and in the program “space & design-strategies” at the University of Art and Design Linz. Currently, she is a lecturer at several Austrian Universities like the University of Klagenfurt and the FH Joanneum – University of Applied Science. She held numerous lectures in the field of media theory and visual arts in USA and Europe.,,,