Sound, space and sculpture with Karl Salzmann

5 October 2022

In the workshop “Sound, space and sculpture” we will explore – in an experimental environment – basic tools (like speakers, mixing consoles, transducers, soldering irons,..)  that make it possible to use sound as a sculptural element. We will explore, besides practical and technical applications, aspects of the perception of sound in space and we will try to see and hear how sound acts and interacts with the architecture and materials within. 

Karl Salzmann is an artist, curator and researcher using sound within performance, concept and installation art. Sound and/or noise are always present in his work: as a tool to shape spaces and forms; as a language to describe things; as a research object to investigate human perception but also social and cultural realities. He teaches at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, the University of Applied Sciences in St. Pölten as well as HDPK – Hochschule der populären Künste Berlin. Solo exhibitions (among others) at ACFNY New York (2017), Kunsthaus Graz (2013) & Kunsthalle Bratislava (2014). Prizes: 2017 Erste Bank Art Prize, 2019 Austrian State Scholarship for Media Art. Currently, he is a PhD candidate in the Doctor Artium Program of the University of Musi